Resources and relationships

There are a number of key assets, beyond the financial, which are vital to the functioning of our business and the delivery of our strategy.


Saga continues to grow due to the talent and focus our people have for delivering great products and excellent customer service. Our employee policies are designed to develop our staff and minimise turnover. This starts by recruiting the right people for the right roles and we have invested heavily in strengths-based recruitment and training in our contact centres. In order to further develop our staff and recognise and reward talent we have a robust performance management system designed to bring our brand values to life in the way that we work.

Human rights

Saga has a responsibility to conduct business in an ethical and transparent way. We adhere to a set of business principles including a commitment to internationally proclaimed human rights standards and have internal policies in place to support recognised human rights principles. These include policies on non-discrimination, health and safety, anti-bribery and environmental issues. We also maintain a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards we expect from our partners and suppliers when working on our behalf, and covers human rights and labour laws, support for local communities and environmental impacts as well as bribery and corruption.

Health and safety

Saga is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of employees, customers and anyone affected by our operations. We are aware of our obligations, and are fully dedicated to meeting those obligations through the development of suitable policies and procedures. Beyond this, everyone in Saga has a personal responsibility for health and safety and for performing the activities they undertake in a safe manner.

Community and social

Saga has a very strong presence in Kent and East Sussex, being a major employer in Thanet, Folkestone and Hastings. We recognise our responsibilities to these communities and maintain strong links with local schools and colleges, as well as playing our part in supporting community initiatives.

The Saga brand also has a strong social and campaigning aspect – giving voice to the concerns of the nation’s over 50s. Being a trusted voice means that Saga is able to be heard in the media and is also welcomed by policymakers who seek our views when crafting and developing policy.

Our charity work includes two Saga charities. The Saga Respite for Carers Trust provides carers aged 50 and over with a much needed holiday whilst paying for care for their loved one. The Saga Charitable Trust benefits under-privileged communities in developing countries visited by Saga customers, investing in sustainable projects which empower and support local communities, as well as providing increased opportunities for those communities to benefit from tourism. The operating costs of both charities are met by Saga.

Supplier partnerships

We design bespoke products ourselves then look for the best possible partners to supply them, comparing them for service and value. We work very closely with these suppliers to deliver the products and services to the standard our customers expect of us. This means that we maintain responsibility for delivery and continue to own the relationship with our customers, ensuring we can protect the customer experience at all times.


We are sensitive to our environmental impact and strive for continuous improvements in our operations to minimise negative impact, such as waste sent to landfill, while investing in activities that have a positive impact, such as improved energy efficiency. We promote green travel options – a network of minibuses takes people to and from our sites and we are also introducing a cycle to work scheme.