Corporate responsibility

Saga exists to deliver exceptional experiences every day while being a driver of positive change in our markets and communities. 

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Colleagues Show

Delivering a step-change in our culture is intentionally the first priority of Saga’s strategy as we know that we must get this right for our colleagues, in order to deliver the exceptional experiences that our customers expect.

In 2020, we launched a set of core values representing who we are and how we work, which are brought to life every day by our colleagues. We believe that every interaction, in whatever form that takes, should reflect these values:



Colleague wellbeing is a priority, particularly given the challenges of 2020. In order to support our colleagues, we have trained a total of 56 Mental Health First Aiders, able to support their peers and have also utilised national campaigns and awareness days to help our colleagues talk about wellbeing and highlight the support and benefits we have in place.

We have worked with our people managers across Saga to ensure they are all equipped to support our more vulnerable colleagues at times when they may be struggling. We have also partnered with a wellness app, Unmind, to provide help and tools to support colleagues with their mental wellbeing. Wellbeing will continue to be a growing area of focus for Saga, and a key workstream of our people strategy.


At Saga, our colleagues feel welcome and can always be themselves as they are part of a supportive and empathetic team. Colleagues know how and have the tools to speak up and be heard.

We enable colleagues to do the best work of their lives, focusing on the things that really matter. Our colleagues take ownership and make things happen, knowing they will be fairly rewarded for their contribution.

It is this culture that allows us to attract talent and build the capabilities we need to continuously innovate and evolve, being a driver of positive change for colleagues, customers and the communities we serve.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We aim to create a culture which gives everyone the opportunity to be their exceptional self, by building a diverse and inclusive environment where our colleagues can feel they belong. 

Equal opportunities

In support of our Equal Opportunities Policy, Saga is committed to ensuring our attraction, recruitment, promotion and training practices all include barrier-free, fair, objective and inclusive processes. All decisions relating to employment and our colleague lifecycle are free from bias and based solely upon work criteria and individual merit.

Gender pay

We support the commitment to address the gender pay gap, and like most organisations are working hard to reduce ours, acknowledging that this is a long-term agenda. Full details of our gender pay review can be found here

Community and social Show

Charitable giving

Saga is committed to being a positive driver of change in our community. Our focus during 2020/21 was on supporting our preferred charities, as well as encouraging our colleagues to participate in events that will not only support these causes, but also help to bring us together as one team. Following postponement of the 2020 London Marathon, Saga took part in the nationwide 2.6 Challenge, encouraging colleagues to get active, organising activities centred around 2.6 or 26 to support their favourite charities.

Whilst Saga promotes its preferred charities, we are also curious to know about and support our colleagues who are fundraising for charities which are important to them through our matched funding scheme. Each month colleagues tell us about their fundraising activities and apply for matched funding.

The Saga Workplace Lottery continues to be well supported with an average of 600 colleagues playing each week and helping to raise money for good causes. These include:

  • The Silver Line, to set up its helpline from home; and
  • Kent-based charities, to provide funding for their community outreach programmes and to help them adapt their work throughout the pandemic.

Saga is extremely proud to be a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, a recognition scheme that rewards the efforts of organisations which provide support to this community. At Saga, we do this in several ways:

  • Seeking to support the employment of veterans, young and old.
  • Through our Reservist Policy which provides support to colleagues who choose to be members of the Reserve Forces.
  • Offering flexibility in granting leave for service spouses and partners.

In 2020/21, to mark Armed Forces Day, we donated to four Armed Forces charities:

  • The Royal British Legion;
  • The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity;
  • The Gurkha Welfare Trust; and
  • The Soldiers', Sailors', Airmen's Families Association.

Responsible investments

Our approach to investments continues to ensure robust ESG factors are considered when making investments. Saga’s subsidiary boards consider investment decisions and the plc Board considers and approves all material investments.

Modern slavery and human rights

Saga conducts business in an ethical and transparent way. Policies to support recognised human rights principles include those on non-discrimination, health and safety and environmental issues.

Our Modern Slavery Statement can be found here.

Environmental Show

In 2019, we set a 30% reduction target for our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030. This sets out our ambition for hitting well below the 2°c temperature rise global target by 2050. Due to the pandemic and subsequent pause of our Travel business, our 2020/21 emissions decreased significantly, as can be seen from the table below:

  2020/21 2019/20
Scope 1 36,187 tCO2e 100,066 tCO2e
Scope 2 (location based) 1,654 tCO2e 2,705 tCO2e
Scope 2 (market based) 8 tCO2 58 tCO2
Scope 3  1,333 tCO2 1,852 tCO2
Total Scope 1,2 & 3 (location based) 39,173 tCO2e 104,622 tCO2e

We are making great strides in the efficiency of our buildings through colleague engagement to reduce our emissions footprint and support the achievement of our target.

Estate management and fleet vehicles

Company car drivers continue to be encouraged to select more environmentally friendly vehicle options. One third of our company car fleet are either electric or hybrid vehicles and we continue to monitor the market as the range of new electric vehicles continues to evolve. These could offer an opportunity for us, over time, to replace our Saga transport fleet with all-electric vehicles.

As part of our current refurbishments, following the move to a working from home model, we are considering the environmental benefits and opportunities available to us and how these can be incorporated into the new design.

Waste management

Onboard our new cruise fleet, we have advanced waste management treatment systems which increase recycling, reduce waste offload and minimise our impact to the environment. Our ships have also adopted Saga’s Single-Use Plastic Policy.

We continue our ‘nil to landfill’ ethos and in collaboration with our waste disposal provider, are reducing our office waste and increasing the amount of waste that is being recycled.

Energy and carbon

Over the last few years, we have continued to work towards maximising the efficiency of energy in our building. We have achieved savings through several building management systems control interventions and optimising the heating and cooling plant on our key assets.

We have a colleague engagement programme which delivers communications and training to colleagues in order to encourage them to reduce energy, water use, waste and to minimise travel.

Saga purchases 96% of its electricity from a 100% renewable power supply and demonstrates that we are making efforts to reduce our climate impact.