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At the AGM held on 19 June 2019 a significant majority of shareholders voted in favour of the Annual Report on Remuneration. However, approximately 28% of shareholders voted against the Report.

Our Remuneration Committee Chair consulted with those shareholders who voted against the Annual Report on Remuneration the reasons for their vote. In line with the UK Corporate Governance Code the following link provides a summary of feedback received from those shareholders and the action the Committee took. A full explanation will be provided in the Remuneration Report for 2019/20.

Change to 2019 LTIP Performance Conditions

Letter to shareholders following significant vote against our Directors' Remuneration Report resolution

Retirement arrangements for Lance Batchelor

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This is a link to our general terms of NEDs appointment. All Non-Executive Director letters of appointment are available for inspection during normal business hours on any weekday (Saturday, Sunday or public holidays excluded) at the registered office of the Company until the completion of the AGM and at the place of the meeting for at least 15 minutes prior to and during the meeting.

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