Why invest?

How we are different

Saga focuses on the over 50s, the fastest growing, most affluent and influential in the UK. Our customer insight allows us to gain unique insight into the  behavioural traits and sentiments of our target demographic. This helps us to develop and deliver differentiated products and services that will give our customers and Possibilities members a compelling reason to come to us and stay with us.

The model works

The capital efficiency of the model means that we are highly cash generative. This provides the flexibility to balance investment in the brand with customer growth, debt reduction and the delivery of long-term cash returns to shareholders.

Confidence in future delivery

Our relaunched strategy is to refocus Saga on its heritage as a direct to consumer brand with Membership at its core.  The in-depth work we have undertaken to deepen our understanding of our customers and members has provided the logical next step in developing highly differentiated, competitively priced products that will give our customers and members a compelling reason to come to us and stay with us.

This strategic relaunch increases our confidence in our ability to enhance long-term value to shareholders by returning the business to sustainable growth and reducing debt.